A Twosome Place launches three seasonal beverages


From a warm latte to tea…embodying the mood of autumn!
A Twosome Place launches three seasonal beverages for the fall season

- Nice autumn beverages to meet customer tastes by using espresso, sweet potatoes and fruit

A Twosome Place (, a premium dessert cafe brand, launched three new fall season beverages for a limited period, the dessert cafe brand announced on September 31.

For this autumn, the company released three drinks to meet a wider range of tastes of customers who will tend to gravitate to hot beverages as winds get cooler. These three menu features are: "Dark and Sweet Espresso-based Latte", "Unique Latte with Sweet Potato" and "Fresh and Warm Fruit Tea".

"Cookie Crumble Latte" possesses a dark and sweet flavor with whipping cream and cookie crumbles on latte made by mixing espresso with cinnamon cookie dough. "Real Sweet Potato Latte" offers a rich potato flavor and can be a good meal replacement as it can be quite filling. You can also imbibe in some warm fruit tea. "Orange Grapefruit Tea" features a fresh and delicious flavor and fragrance, made of the concentrate of blood oranges and grapefruit whose pulp is red.

"Customers are keenly interested in seasonal beverages, which usually account for around 10% of our coffee beverage sales. For this year's autumn concoctions, we made numerous attempts to satisfy the tastes of our customers," said A Twosome Place. "We sincerely wish for our customers to have some relaxing moments with our new warm autumn drinks."