Let's take a gourmet trip


Let's take a gourmet trip with CJ Logistics' Delicacy Trip.

Delicious and special regional foods always make us feel like taking a trip. From time to time, you might have such thoughts as "I want to go to Sokcho to eat sweet and sour chicken." or "How about taking a drive to Chucheon to eat spicy stir-fried chicken?"

Unfortunately, many people seem too preoccupied to just get up and go. That's why CJ Logistics launched ‘Delicacy Trip’, a special app with which you can enjoy a gourmet trip anytime and anywhere.

CJ Logistics' gourmet trip – ‘Delicacy Trip’

▲ Let's take a tasty trip with CJ Logistics' app ‘Delicacy Trip’.

In March 2016, CJ Logistics, Korea's No.1 logistics company, launched an innovative service utilizing its delivery service network that expansively covers the country.

With the release of ‘Delicacy Trip’ with which you can enjoy a gourmet trip simply upon the mere touch of your smartphone screen, CJ Logistics is reaching out to us as a ‘lifestyle company’ providing much more than delivery service.

▲ To take a nice gourmet trip, run the CJ Logistics app first, then press ‘Delicacy Trip’ on the bottom of the screen.

‘Delicacy Trip’, an in-app of the CJ Logistics app, sells popular products of restaurants across the nation recommended by over 16,000 delivery service workers. You can buy regional products produced by regional small businesses wherever you happen to be in the country.

Gourmet items recommended by CJ Logistics ‘Delicacy Trip’

Kiss Ring Garlic Bread (Paju, Gyeonggi-do) | Kiss Ring Garlic Bread, a.k.a. Pope Bread, which served Pope Francis when he visited Korea, is a pastry with a crispy crust and moist texture. Seoraksan Danpung Bread (Sokcho, Gangwon-do) | This is the taste of autumn from Seoraksan Mountain that is tinted with autumn colors. We recommend you to taste Seoraksan Danpung Bread, not overly sweet yet moist and deeply tasty!

Korean Apple Sweet (Chungju, Chungcheongbuk-do) | Chungju is definitely the town of apples! Chungju Korean Apple Sweet is a premium Korean sweet with fresh and sweet taste using apple juice and syrup.

Omisa Honey Bread (Tongyeong, Gyeongsangnam-do) | A sweet memory from our school days! Now you can enjoy the unforgettable taste you experienced in Tongyeong from the comfort of your home.

PNB Choco Pie (Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do) | CJ Logistics ‘Delicacy Trip’ presents PNB Choco Pie, a specialty of Jeonju. The diabolic choco pie that you can't stop eating! Omegi Rice Cake (Jeju) | Jeju Omegi Rice Cake with a pure and deep taste! This rice cake has a pure natural taste created from healthy ingredients. A nice meal or snack for you!

A journey to find true taste, while sharing love through CJ Logistics ‘Delicacy Trip’

▲ Try Jeju Omegi Rice Cake featuring a simple shape and savory taste!

The project to develop ‘Delicacy Trip’ kicked off in the autumn of 2015. It is a CSV service based on the sharing philosophy of CJ Group. It all started with an idea of "Let's create a new and convenient customer service using the nationwide delivery service network of CJ Logistics!"

CJ Logistics' development team successfully implemented a one-stop system that provides information on products of regional restaurants as well as purchasing, payment and delivery service by using the company's delivery service app. This means that CJ Logistics' delivery service app, which has more than two million subscribers, has been able to reach out to customers as a total lifestyle app. This also allows the company to respond faster to the smartphone-based mobile market that is gradually growing as customer lifestyles change.

The biggest virtue of ‘Delicacy Trip’ is its win-win spirit. Many small businesses who want to sell through internet shopping malls can't afford to pay costs for entry in a mall and sales commissions.

As the ‘Delicacy Trip’ does not charge any commission to sellers, it can be a sales route for these businesses, which will benefit them more.

▲ Have you ever heard about Chungju Korean Apple Sweet? Experience it through ‘Delicacy Trip’!

Restaurants in Delicacy Trip are recommended and verified by delivery service workers of CJ Logistics across the country. Combined with a fresh, reliable and fast delivery service, is there any better gourmet trip than this? Providing even promotion of ‘Delivery Trip’ using delivery trucks of CJ Logistics across the nation, it is a really nice one-stop service that covers everything from sales to promotion and logistics.

Let me show you one incident from the process of developing the ‘Delivery Trip’ app. When the team contacted restaurants to find products for the app, most of the owners gave a lukewarm reaction. "Delicacy…what?" "You expect me to believe that it is really free of charge?" "Not interested at all!"

When the team managed to make an appointment and visited restaurants and explained about the philosophy of sharing of CJ Logistics and the intent of the service to connect good products to customers, they gradually began to lower their guard and embrace the concept.

When the team said "No commission", that was all they needed to hear! Some owners who complimented CJ for doing good work even showed some concern for us, saying "Are you sure you can profitably operate by offering the service free of charge?"

▲ Aren’t you curious about what Seoraksan Danpung Bread might taste like?

They are probably right. We might take a loss if we deploy such a service. CJ Logistics' ‘Delicacy Trip’ is a service that pursues not profits but win-win synergy. In fact, we are excited at the thought that delicious and heart-warming stories across the country might be able to please each of our customers through CJ Logistics' delivery service.

Let's head to the homes of our customers and share all kinds of delicious stories!

▲ Crispy and moist Kiss Ring Garlic Bread from Paju, Gyeonggi-do

‘Delicacy Trip’ is quickly becoming a trusted product channel thanks to favorable responses from over 2 million users of the CJ Logistics app. ‘Delicacy Trip’ will continue to engage more providers, not only famous restaurants across the country but also food masters certified by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, quality-certified traditional food businesses and traditional markets.

The app is on a direct transaction platform where producers sell their products directly to customers rather than via distributors or large companies. The ultimate goal of this service is to enable producers to make more profits in the long term as direct transactions can be more vitalized and lead customers to purchase reliable products more easily at more reasonable prices. So today, let's take a gourmet trip with ‘Delicacy Trip’, a 'delicious' service that puts into practice the philosophy of sharing of CJ Group to contribute to society based on its solid infrastructure such as its delivery service network that spans the entire nation.