From nipple patches to eyebrow razors!


From nipple patches to eyebrow razors! Grooming trends in 2016 by Olive Young Brand

Grooming is no longer a strange word any more. As there is a growing number of men who groom and love to take care of their appearance, the influence of male customers on the beauty market is also growing. The delicate world of men who perform grooming and styling! Let's explore Olive Young's must-have products for grooming with CJ Creative Journal!

Those who groom can truly shine in the summer

▲ A beauty playground for everyone - Olive Young!

Korea's iconic health and beauty store Olive Young is a 'beauty playground' for everyone regardless of their age and gender. According to the results of sales analysis in Olive Young's men's category, sales for January through June rose by 55% year over year. This means that Olive Young has become a more exciting beauty playground for men.

With the recent trend of a growing number of men who are now taking care of their appearance, guys want that same level of detailed care that ladies receive. This is causing various Olive Young products for grooming to become more popular.

Especially in summer, more detailed care is required for grooming than in any other season. In summer, more areas should be cared for, ranging from body hair to dead skin cell, calluses, sun protection, skin care and hair care.

Male grooming these days has become on par with female grooming. It is not a very pleasant thing to see a guy who wears short pants who hasn’t shaved his legs or who wears slippers with his cracked heels exposed. Now, men who take care of their look seem to be more popular than ever. So let's explore must-have products for grooming as recommended by Olive Young and adopt some 'handsome manners' this summer!

The must-have product for overly hairy men - "Manner Makes Man Leg Razor"

▲ Overly hair legs! eyes!!! Let's shave them with a leg trimmer.

Only women need to shave their body hair? Nope. Now is the time for men to take care of their body hair for an upgraded look and improved hygiene.

If you tend to be hairy, take note of this item. Let your hairy legs become clean with Olive Young's Manner Makes Man Leg Razor, a.k.a. leg trimmer.

Unlike facial razors, the leg trimmer is equipped with a thinning out comb to trim leg hairs to a short uniform length. It looks more natural to have a proper and well-groomed amount of hair.

The leg trimmer is also useful for trimming arms, the back of your neck as well as your stomach. Plus, it is easy to use. Gently grasp the trimmer and softly push it along the dry skin.

Trimming your eyebrows can make a big difference! "Manner Makes Man Eyebrow Razor"

▲ Even those who are all thumbs can use this! From Mr. Bean to even Wonbin!

If your unkempt, long and thick eyebrows tend to look messy, it's time to give them a trim!

Don't assume that your untrimmed thick eyebrows make you look manly! Subtly trimming them will give you a more distinctive appearance, and people may find themselves thinking "Something's changed about him but I can't quite put my finger on it. Anyways, he seems to look more handsome now."

Olive Young's "Manner Makes Man Eyebrow Razor" is an eyebrow razor which allows you to trim your eyebrows without irritating your skin and which comes with three different eyebrow-shaped guides. You can easily trim your eyebrows into a desired shape, while its safety cap ensures safe storage and use.

Smoothen your nipples that stick out! "Manner Makes Man Nipple Band"

▲ Don't let them poke out!

When you wear thin clothes, sometimes you might be embarrassed at your protruding nipples. Complete your handsome manner style by smoothening them out! Olive Young's "Manner Makes Man Nipple Band" is a nipple patch for men which has no sense of difference thanks to its transparent color. It is an ideal product for etiquette that masks these 'embarrassments' while wearing a thin top. If you have ever considered using a Band-Aid or even duct tape to hide nipples, Olive Young's Nipple Band is the right solution for you. Thanks to their excellent waterproof feature, they won't become easily detached by sweat or water, allowing you to fully depend on them even in summer vacation places.

Having good skin ensures your handsome appeal! "XTM Style Homme All-in-One Cushion"

▲ All-in-one, from sun protection to skin expression

If you think B.B. cream or air cushion products are only for women, you are behind the times. Simply by blocking UV and making your skin look lively, you can create a much better impression. A man with good skin is truly someone handsome! Olive Young's "XTM Style Homme All-in-One Cushion" is a super-simple and smart grooming item that allows for clean skin in a fast and simple way. You can express clean skin texture with seven functions in one formula: moisturizing, wrinkle care, whitening, sun protection, skin texture and tone adjustment, sebum control and cooling sense. The colors customized for men's skin tone and excellent coverage help you to cover up blemishes and make your skin tone become vivid. It definitely is a must-have product for grooming.

M℃ Skin Pore Primer for attaining porcelain-like skin

▲The secret for men having porcelain-like skin is primer.

The word ‘primer’ might remind you of figurines or plastic models. That's not necessarily a wrong answer. The primer, which smoothens the surface of figurines or plastic models, makes the coloring clearer and is also a must-have item for skin expression of handsome men with manners. If you apply the primer thinly on the skin after applying toner and lotion and before applying cushion, your skin will become as smooth as the surface of porcelain with large pores becoming covered up. "M℃ Skin Pore Primer' has a sebum control feature to express matte and non-oily skin texture and add tight and transparent texture to the skin. It effectively covers up wrinkles and large pores, and removes oiliness caused by sweat and oils, enabling clean skin at all times.

Come see Olive Young, a Treasure Island for male grooming!

▲ Only for men! "XTM Men's Collection" at Olive Young’s flagship store in Myeongdong

With Olive Young, isn't it now easy to become a handsome guy with grooming manners in the summer? In addition to the above products, use "XTM Style Homme Perfume Deo Spray" for getting rid of the lingering odor of sweat and allow it to leave you with a good fragrance, while "M℃ Sebum Strike Powder Tissue" can be used for removing oily sebum and waste, both of which are growing as popular items for summer grooming. Coinciding with the renewal of its flagship store in Myeongdong in February, Olive Young relocated the Men's grooming zone from a corner to the center of the store for better accessibility, and now it runs the "XTM Men's Collection" where you can see more various and segmented men's products at a glance. In the XTM Men's Collection of Olive Young's flagship store in Myeongdong, you can now more easily shop for trendy men's items, including those for skincare and makeup, hairstyling, body care, shaving and taking proper care of your shoes. Now you can fulfill all your grooming needs at Olive Young! This summer, Olive Young is supporting your delicate grooming to allow you to become a man of sophistication and perfect manners!