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CJ Group holds entrance ceremony


CJ Group holds entrance ceremony for Dream Building Creativity School

▲The entrance ceremony for the 4th CJ Donors Camp of Dream Building Creativity School

The entrance ceremony for the current CJ Donors Camp of Dream Building Creativity School signaled the beginning of a special summer vacation for 157 youths and 72 collegiate mentors. CJ Donors Camp Dream Building Creativity School, a well-known youth support program of CJ Group (CEO Lee Jay-Hyun), welcomed 157 youths selected for its 4th season with an entrance ceremony held at CJ HumanVille, located in Jung-gu, Seoul, in the afternoon of August 5. Dream Building Creativity School is a CSR program designed to train youths from socially disadvantaged families into becoming future leaders by utilizing the food and culture business infrastructure of CJ Group. Under CEO Lee Jay-Hyun’s philosophy of "Businesses should be the source of aspiration for youths", our employees have been participating in the project in the form of talent donation since 2013, expanding its areas and scope every year. As of 2015, over 500 youths cultivated their dreams through the school.

Being its fourth season this year, the school welcomed 157 middle and high school students who have dreams in five areas of music, musical, fashion, cooking and film. Until July 17, CJ received applications for the program from students of community child centers, education/welfare support priority schools, alternative schools and youth training centers. For five months after the entrance ceremony, the youths will receive multi-dimensional mentoring and learn expertise from collegiates, CJ employees and external experts. They will also be given opportunities to experience customized activities, including watching concerts or musicals, visiting restaurants and farms, producing video contents and developing menus.

In the entrance ceremony held on August 5, actor Ahn Sung-Ki and film director Lee Kyung-Mi, who will participate in the program as a mentor, were in attendance and sought to provide encouragement to the youths. The event became even more festive when Park Bo-ram, who achieved her dream of becoming a singer through the television audition show Superstar K, appeared and sang on the stage. 

Ahn Sung-Ki, who assumed the role of honorary principal of the 4th Dream Building Creativity School, said, "It takes about 10 years to gain recognition in a certain field. So I don't want you to feel impatient about fulfilling your dreams…If you continue to do your best together with your friends and mentors here, you will find yourself having grown significantly after five months."

Lee Yu-Bin (17), a Grade 1 student at Goyang High School who will receive mentoring in cooking, said, "I feel more excited in the entrance ceremony than in the school term-end ceremony when thinking about meeting my mentor chef Lee Yeon-Bok and practicing cooking while using the best equipment available." "I will use this as an opportunity to make a big step toward my dream of becoming a menu developer."

CJ Group said, "We will support the development and growth of our youths by discovering and fostering many future cultural leaders through our Dream Building Creativity School in cooperation with a variety of members of our society, including youths, businesses, local communities and culture and art professionals."

Meanwhile, CJ Group's online sharing platform, CJ Donors Camp, was established in 2005 based on CEO Lee Jay-Hyun’s philosophy of "Poverty should not be passed down to children due to lack of opportunities to learn.", and since then it has provided over 100,000 children from over 4,000 study groups with culture, personality and dream building education as well as scholastic education so that they can grow as an upstanding member of our society.