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Heroes behind the Covert Joint Operation changing


Hidden Heroes behind the Covert Joint Operation Changing Korean History! The Movie Operation Chromite

At midnight on September 15, 1950, 'Operation Chromite,' the codename for the Battle of Incheon, was carried out. It was 'people' who made the most dramatic moment of the Korean War successful. CJ Creative Journal provides a story of the movie Operation Chromite which broke the 5 million mark in viewing figures and is set to smash the 10 million mark.

Operation Chromite is the story of people who made the impossible possible

The movie Operation Chromite poster.

▲The movie Operation Chromite. Viewing figures already top 5 million!

The movie Operation Chromite, which was recently released, is as hot as midsummer. Although it aroused a lot of controversy prior to release, the film quickly broke the 1 million mark and has already surpassed 5 million views. Now, it is about to smash the 10 million mark. The audience is made up of men and women of all ages who have been giving the film two thumbs up. There are those who say they watched the movie together their parents, or who say they were choking with emotions during the movie, though they had little expectation about the movie. Indeed, many people were deeply touched by the movie Operation Chromite while watching it, because it is based on the real-life events of the Battle of Inchon.

▲Preview for the movie Operation Chromite

To successfully carry out 'Operation Chromite,' the codename for the Battle of Incheon, the sea route to Incheon must be secured. It was ordinary people who played a leading role in secretly helping the Allied Forces to reach Incheon. The movie depicts covert activities by the Korea Liaison office (KLO) which was the espionage unit consisting of Koreans belonging to the Allied Forces, as well as the Navy Intelligence Department on a secret mission to carry out Operation 'X-ray' against North Korea.

They carried out covert operations at the hazard of their own life leaving their families and hometowns to push back the North Korean army who had occupied the Korean Peninsula. Director Lee Jae-Han of the movie Operation Chromite says he came to know the 'heroes of no name' while finding many reference materials.

"Behind the success of Operation Chromite, there were activities by numerous unknown people as well as General MacArthur. It was a big challenge to depict such story, but I found it very meaningful. I wanted to show that the noble sacrifice and patience of ordinary individuals are always behind such history-changing events."

Lee Jung-Jae, Lee Bum-Soo and Liam Neeson! "Acting Landing Operation" of great actors!

Captain Jang Hak Su and Colonel Lim Gye Gin

▲Captain Jang Hak-Su and Colonel Lim Gye-Gin. A fiery competition between two charismatic men!

The movie Operation Chromite features veteran actors Lee Jung-Jae, Lee Bum-Soo, Jeong Jun-Ho, actress Jin Se-Yeon, and Hollywood star Liam Neeson. Moreover, actresses Kim Young-Ae and Kim Sun-A, actor Park Sung-Woong, and famous MMA fighter Chu Seong-Hoon played a cameo role in the movie. The characters show vitality and liveliness, and a perfect chemistry with each other in order to bring the movie to life.

Actor Lee Jung Jae playing Jang Hak Su

▲ Lee Jung-Jae playing Jang Hak-Su, a South Korean naval captain who spearheaded the covert operation called "X-Ray."

Lee Jung-Jae, the money-making star with great performance, plays Jang Hak-Su, a South Korean naval captain who spearheaded the covert operation called "X-Ray." He is on a secret mission to help American General Douglas MacArthur to land at Incheon. A cool charisma is felt from Jang who stays resolute even in a tense situation.

Actor Lee Bum Soo playing Lim Gye Jin

▲ Lee Bum-Soo playing Lim Gye-Jin, a North Korean colonel

Actor Lee Bum-Soo plays 'Lim Gye-Jin,' a colonel of the North Korean occupying Incheon. Having shown an extraordinary presence in various TV dramas and movies, Lee has a great transformation on the screen! He, as Colonel Lim Gye-Jin with a charismatic leadership, shows a fiery acting competition with Lee Jung-Jae, as Captain Jang Hak-Su.

Liam Neeson Playing American General MacArthur

▲ Revival of American General MacArthur! Hollywood star Liam Neeson playing Macarthur

Hollywood star Liam Neeson plays American General MacArthur. He brings MacArthur back to life on the screen with his brilliant performance! It is said that Liam Neeson was so immersed in the role of MacArthur that he analyzed even the tiniest habits of the general and reflected them in his acting. "I was stuck on MacArthur," he said, showing how strong attachment he felt to the movie.

Cameo role Kim Sun A and Kim Young Ae

Cameo role Chu Seong Hoon and Park Sung Woong

▲ Actors with a cameo role: Kim Sun-A, Kim Young-Ae, Chu Seong-Hoon, and Park Sung-Woong!

In addition, veteran actor Jeong Jun-Ho who has a soft charisma plays the leader of the KLO unit located in Incheon; and actress Jin Se-Yeon plays a nurse at a hospital in Incheon. The performance of actors Park Cheol-Min and Kim Byeong-Ok are also noticeable, and actresses Kim Sun-A and Kim Young-Ae, actor Park Sung-Woong, and MMA fighter Chu Seong-Hoon who appear in a cameo role delivered stellar performances. Operation Chromite is a great movie with all heartbreaking scenes and Korean and American actors and actresses showing very impressive acting as if landing at the hearts of the audience.

▲Video about the production process of Operation Chromite

All the scenes feel dynamic with a lot of enthusiastic passion!

Another way to more enjoy Operation Chromite is to see a video lecture by Seol Min-Suk, a famous Korean History tutor, on Operation Chromite before going to the movie. The more you know, the more pleasure you can feel during the movie. It is also good to attend the lecture after watching the movie to better understand the historical meaning of Operation Chromite.

▲Video lecture by tutor Seol Min-Suk on Operation Chromite

A thrilling war and espionage blockbuster touching and entertaining the audience!

The movie Operation Chromite was completed by the enthusiastic performance and passion of the cast. Thanks to the heated audience reaction, it is about to reach the 10 million mark. This is because the voices, wish and aspirations of Operation Chromite carried out 66 years ago were revived vividly on the screen.

The movie Operation Chromite gives tremendous pleasure as a thrilling war and espionage blockbuster based on large-scale sets which exactly reproduce Incheon's views of 1950, and the enthusiasm of the cast who were willing to learn about how to use guns, receive basic military training, and act aggressively as if engaging in actual fighting! Viewers naturally come to be absorbed in the heartbreaking story.

On hot summer days under the burning sun…. there were young people who fought in the high heat of summer 66 years ago. The impressive movie will continue to show the strong determination and passion of the young men and women who fought so bravely!