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Olive Young's Recommended Products! An Enjoyable C


Olive Young's Recommended Products! 
An Enjoyable Companion and 
'REAL' Brand Story

Have you recently been to Olive Young? Olive Young is full of what you want to buy and what you can be recommended - another new "must-have item" is ready to capture the hearts and minds of our customers. It is "REAL". CJ Creative Journal introduces the win-win brand of all sincerity!

Enjoyable Companion, Together with REAL!


▲ Hello! It's "Enjoyable Companion" together with Olive Young!

Korea's number one health and beauty store Olive Young has, since May 2016, displayed products of the small but powerful company brand "REAL" from the Regional Innovation System supported by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. Small but powerful companies refer to small and medium-sized businesses rated for high potential and capability, and are also well-known as the honorable name of "hidden champions." The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and Olive Young have agreed to make regional specialized products as recommended items of Olive Young and "global luxury goods"!

CJ Group has engaged in an "enjoyable companion" project to open up a market and develop a brand for small but powerful companies. While CJ CheilJedang has launched the products of such companies, you can now find the "enjoyable companion" products in Olive Young stores. The "REAL" brand is the first regional specialized brand to come from the Olive Young project. It includes 14 kinds of products from three small hidden champions which have been recognized in terms of technology and marketability.

Beautiful REAL with Great Sincerity

The REAL brand is based around the concept of "products with great sincerity from those who research and develop regional resources." Olive Young is working hard with local small but powerful companies to develop products that appeal to consumer tastes from the planning stage, making the REAL brand set apart from the other brands at Olive Young.

In addition, Olive Young has contributed to the development of package design which is the best method to meet consumers, with greater marketability involving promotion and marketing. Olive Networks, which operates Olive Young, is willing and excited to share its distribution know-how and product planning know-know with the "REAL" brand.

Product developers of Olive Young (MD) are involved in the "REAL" brand from product selection on the basis of Olive Young's accumulated product sourcing know-how, conducting continual fairs and consulting to create Olive Young's recommended products, which give consumers high reliability with excellent quality.

The REAL brand can meet at Olive Young stores.

Let's take a look at what products companies are producing.


▲ HD Entec's anti-bacterial paste hand wash "Natural Choice"

Busan-based HD Entec is displaying natural hand-wash products. A natural moisturizing product with kelp extract as its main ingredient is particularly popular!

"Anti-bacterial paste soap"

HD Entec with a patent is making clear, fresh hand wash products with tube-type anti-bacterial soap which is portable anytime, anywhere.


▲ Dress Perfume of Hansol Bio is popular for various fragrances!


▲ The super line of Hansol Bio are highly recommended products of Olive Young!

Hansol Bio, which is based in Gyeonggi-do Province, produces the Dress Perfume line as part of the REAL brand’s line of products! Fresh dress perfume is a must-have item, especially for hot summer days. Hansol Bio's dress perfume line focuses on giving natural and healthy fragrances, aggressively reflecting recently popularizing perfume trends.

Hansol Bio is also making the "super line" for cleansing and skin care using natural ingredients. With the trendy packaging and characteristic functions, the super line is already recognized among FA-PE (fashion people) as "Olive Young's recommended products".


▲ KTH Asia's resilient and moisturizing "Goat Milk Embo Nude Gel Essence Pack"

Jeollanam-do Province based KTH Asia produces Goat Milk Embo Nude Gel Essence Pack as one of Olive Young's recommended products. With the special "recipe" containing fermented goat milk and patented technology,
it has become the only "goat milk mask pack" of Olive Young.

The REAL brand is gaining constant attention from customers. Particularly, Dress Perfume is very popular with those who are interested in fragrance. After smelling the various fragrances of those products, they always bought one!

Goat Milk Mask Packs are also popular. We could see consumers buying several sheets at once. As the reasons for their high popularity, they indicated fermented goat milk's resilient texture and definite effects for clear, transparent skin. With good quality, affordable price and high marketability, the REAL brand's goods are increasingly captivating the heart of consumers as Olive Young's recommended products.

Olive Young and Small but Powerful Companies, Creates the REAL Brand Synergy


▲ Olive Young and small but powerful companies create the REAL brand synergy

Olive Young is planning to collaborate with other new companies in the second half of the year to launch more products of small but powerful companies. In July, Olive Young will support start-up companies that match the concept of the "Enjoyable Companion" project to make their products enter Olive Young stores, together with the Contents Korea Lab. With its support for the distribution of start-up products in connection with "health and beauty," Olive Young will contribute to the growth of small and medium-sized companies and increased consumer choice.

REAL brand's products are currently available at eight Olive Young stores nationwide, including Myeongdong Jungang branch, Seohyeon Station branch, Bundang Seohyeon branch, Busan Seomyeon Jungang branch, Daegu Dongseongno branch, Daejeon Dunsan branch, Daejeon Jungang branch and Jeonju Jungang branch, and the Olive Young stores selling them are expected to be increase.

Olive Young and small but powerful companies are creating the REAL brand synergy! The consumption of REAL brand's products while supporting small and medium-sized companies will make consumers feel rewarded. The REAL brand project provides value that benefits all. Their good quality are set to increase its consumer appeal yet further.

With the synergy of Olive Young and small and medium-sized companies, the REAL brand wants to be a brand moving closer to consumers with good quality and intention. We hope more hidden champions and Olive Young will be an enjoyable companion until their products become Olive Young's recommended goods!