Enjoy a Tasty Meal in a Big Bowl at the Bibigo


Enjoy a tasty meal in a big bowl 

at the Bibigo restaurant

Tasty, healthy Korean cuisine, also known by its local name of Hansik, is captivating the taste buds of people around the world. In Utah, a food truck serving a Korean-style Cup Bab (cooked rice put in a cup) has become famous, while the nutritious Korean-style “one-bowl dish” containing minerals, carbohydrates and protein has gained widespread popularity. 

Bibigo’s tasty bowl offers various full-flavor and nutritious traditional Korean dishes all in a bowl! Why don’t you try it for yourself at the Bibigo restaurant in the G-valley Mall within the Guro Digital Complex area in downtown Seoul? 

Bibigo is spearheading the global restaurant trend for “fast casual”


▲ The Bibigo restaurant features a clean and tidy open-concept kitchen

Business people in international “mega cities” the world over, including Seoul, New York, London, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Beijing, and Hong Kong, have a hard time choosing what to eat during lunch time. What they want more than anything is a simple and tasty nutritious meal available at a reasonable price with quick service. 

Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) have become popular across the world, reflecting the global trend for “fast casual” in restaurant dining. In New York, a variety of delicacies from all over the world once sold from food trucks are now available from restaurants in fast casual form, and are loved as “must-eat items” by tourists, as well as local business people.


▲ How to enjoy Bibigo?

Bibigo offers “one-bowl dishes” containing various traditional Korean foods in order to captivate the taste buds of people worldwide.


▲ Front view of the Bibigo G-valley Mall branch decorated in fresh yellow-green


▲ Bibigo offers healthy and smart dishes for city people!

The Bibigo G-valley Mall branch, which opened in early February this year, has enjoyed success with its healthy, “fast casual style” dishes for people worldwide. The dishes are available and cooked to order. Plus, the fast-food-style menu is simple to understand, and wins food-lovers’ hearts with high-quality healthy ingredients cooked with sincerity. The affordable dishes deliver high-end restaurant flavors at a reasonable price.

Fast, tasty, and satisfying Bibigo. It’s the best!


How can we enjoy the dishes at the Bibigo G-valley Mall branch? Bibigo offers a pleasant experience of assembling a tasty healthy meal to your taste under the catchphrase of “create your own bowl.”


▲ Why not enjoy some grilled gochujang pork belly?

Please put a lot of japchae (glass noodles with seasonal vegetables) in my bowl~”><br></p>
<p>▲ Please put a lot of japchae (glass noodles with seasonal vegetables) in my bowl~ I love its mouth-watering taste!
If you are holding a broad round plate and taking a moment to decide on what to eat, then you are ready to enjoy Bibigo! Choose from four kinds of grilled dish, such as Gochujang (red chili) pork belly, chicken & garlic, fish with soybean paste sauce, braised beef tenderloin, as well as side dishes such as steamed egg, buckwheat pancakes, tofu & kimchi, japchae (glass noodles with seasonal vegetables), cold mung bean noodles, potato salad, spicy squid salad, and of course Bibigo Korean Royal Court</p> Dumplings.
<p>Rice, vegetables, and soup simply cannot be left out! Properly cooked plain white rice or deluxe rice, as well as plenty of ssam vegetables and hot soup are available for your enjoyment, too.</p><p><img src=

▲ Grilled dishes, cooked hot on the spot, are waiting for customers.

Abundant side dishes to choose!~”><br></p><p>▲ Abundant side dishes to choose!~
</p><p>A bowl of my own makes my mouth water with its appealing range of tastes! On those days you cannot decide what to eat, why not go to Bibigo and let the bowl decide? These are recommended menu combinations available of the most popular dishes for you to sample! Enjoy these recommended dishes of gochujang pork belly, grilled chicken & garlic, braised beef tenderloin, along with side dishes that whet the appetite.
</p><p><img src=

▲ An excellent combination of grilled mackerel with doenjang (soybean paste sauce) and deluxe rice!


▲ Savory flavor of gochujang pork belly that goes with white rice!


▲ Enjoy Bibigo conveniently at any place with neatly sorted take-out dishes!

Bibimbap is Bibigo’s representative dish which is particularly popular as a take-out. It’s a real delicacy: a mix of plenty of vegetables and herbs along with a savory fried egg. Sincerity and warmth in a bowl!


▲ Enjoy fresh and tasty Korean cuisine in style!

Bibigo restaurants offer a fast casual style of eating tasty dishes in a short time, with sincerity and warmth in every bowl, just like in traditional Korean cuisine. This means anyone can savor the depth of flavor in Korean food, which grows with time and effort.

In addition, Bibigo created new dishes such as pork belly and grilled chicken marinated with both traditional pastes and other fermented ingredients. Braised beef tenderloin, which is slowly boiled down with sauces for a long time to enhance its tenderness, offers a subtle Korean flavor that is made over a long time. Dongchimi is made with locally produced radish and fermented for 15 days, which gives it a tangy flavor, while savory japchae and jeonbyeong are also served as delicacies.

People around the world are starting to know and love Korean cuisine


▲ Front view of the Bibigo restaurant located in Angel, London

Bibigo is the globally renowned Korean cuisine brand of CJ Group providing a wide range of products, including Bibigo Korean Royal Court Dumplings and Bibigo Seaweed Crisps. In addition, Bibigo restaurants are known all over the world as the hottest place to go to enjoy Korean cuisine.

After gaining a global foothold by opening Bibigo restaurants in China and the US in 2010, CJ Group opened a Bibigo restaurant in Soho Street, a trendy area of central London in 2012, as the first Korean cuisine brand to open a local restaurant in the city. It currently operates 15 Bibigo restaurants abroad in six nations – China, US, UK, Singapore, Japan and Indonesia.


▲ Customers enjoying the flavor of Bibigo

The Bibigo restaurant in London has been listed in the renowned Michelin Guide for three consecutive years. Bibigo’s “Goldfish,” which was recreated to suit global customers’ tastes, is gaining great popularity as a dessert item! For those trendsetters seeking healthy and tasty dishes, Bibigo is the place to go. Captivating the tastes of people worldwide, Bibigo also shared the flavor and taste of Korean cuisine in the Korean Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015.

Korean cuisine is eaten daily by Koreans, who do not always recognize its true flavor! It’s much loved by people around the world for its healthy, nutritious meals. Take a bite of this tasty and healthy food available at your local Bibigo restaurant. Enjoy!