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Korea-China-Japan Motor Sports Festival


Asia's Top Racers Gather for a 
'Real Race' Festival
Korea-China-Japan Motor Sports Festival 
held in Yeongam County, South Jeolla Province, Korea on July 10, 2016

◇ 2016 Korea-China-Japan Motor Sports Festival will be held at Korean International Circuit in Yeongam County from July 8 to 10

◇ Participation from SuperRace Championship (Korea), CTCC (China), and Super Formula Junior (Japan)

◇ Various events including M Super Concert, Super Car Festival, Racing Experience Zone

◇ Final contest which will take place on July 10 will be broadcast live on XTM and Naver Sports at 12 p.m.


The poster for the 2016 Korea-China-Japan Motor Sports Festival

The Korea-China-Japan Motor Sports Festival, East Asian motor sports' largest racing festival, will take place at the Korea International Circuit in Yeongam County, South Jeolla Province, Korea, from July 8 to 10, 2016. This festival, hosted by SuperRace Co. Ltd., marks the third year of this event, which started with the Korea-China Motor Sports Festival in 2014 and was joined by Japan in 2015.

With the slogan "It's the real thing," this festival features a real race instead of the faux contest seen at other motor sports festivals, and the East Asian countries are certainly putting their motor sport reputations on the line. The showcase brings together representative bodies from each country in a fierce competition of car racing: CJ Logistics SuperRace Championship for Korea, CTCC for China, and Super Formula Junior, regarded as the next-generation F1 Drivers' training school, for Japan.

Another feature of this festival is that points from each contest go towards an overall series title, unlike a racing event consisting of three separate contests. Participating teams have to focus on acquiring team points to win the series rather than just providing motor sports fans with photo opportunities. In that sense, this festival will be a thrilling contest which sets it apart from other racing events.

SuperRace will consist of seven classes including SK ZIC 6000 Class, the stock car race defined by an engine displacement of 6200cc and a 436-horsepower engine. Held in Korea, China, and Japan, the SK ZIC 6000 Class is Asia's only stock car race and Korea's only international series. This race is filled with racing talent from Korea, China, Japan, and Germany, and is garnering avid support in the Asian motor sports market.

In addition, China's CTCC is the nation's leading competition, in which Toyota, Honda, Ford, Volkswagen and other global brands engage in a heated rivalry to reign as the premier technology powerhouse. Meanwhile, in the Japanese Championship Super Formula Junior, 30 rising stars of Japan, a leading country in motor sports, will showcase a competitive race. This motor sports bumper pack will provide fans with the fun and excitement of watching three popular categories of motor sports – stock cars, touring cars and formula racing – all in one fantastic weekend.

The festival, which pursues the concept of "motor-entertainment", will provide a variety of additional events, the most remarkable being Mnet's M Super Concert. The concert will start at 7 p.m. when racing finishes, and features a stacked line-up including Red Velvet, NCT, and Wonder Girls, which will be sure to captivate the hearts of the audience. During the races, a variety of entertainment will be offered in the audience zones, including SuperRace Virtual Championships, Supercar Festival, and transportation experience programs for kids.

The tickets for the July 10 finals can be purchased through Ticketlink. Car racing will be broadcast live on XTM at 12 noon on July 9, and Naver Sports will also offer an internet broadcasting service. This festival is also scheduled to be broadcast throughout China on the Chinese public broadcaster CCTV-5.

◎ About SuperRace Championship

SuperRace Championship is Korea's largest motor sports competition was awarded the use of the "Championship" title by the FIA. Since the beginning of CJ's sponsorship in 2006, this championship has been one of the leading motor sports competitions, and has been committed to expanding the foundation of motor sports for ten years. It has held stock car races for the first time in Asia, involving domestic and foreign racers of the highest level. Since 2012, it has also offered a night race which is recognized as a summer night festival with a unique combination of a rock concerts and a night race. Meanwhile, it has held SuperRace Asia throughout Korea, China and Japan since 2013, and has attained its target of becoming Asia's premier motor sports competition.

The competition in 2016 will be held under the title of "CJ Logistics SuperRace Championship 2016." Starting with the opening race in April, a total of eight races will take place over seven months. SuperRace Championship, held at six circuits in Korea, China and Japan, will entertain motor sports fans with differentiated events at each race weekend.