The Coming Out of the First Blood Sugar Managing Product, ‘CJ Nutra Control’,


Health-food specialty brand CJ Nutra have announced on the 19th via CJ Home shopping(, their new product ‘Control,’ a blood sugar managing product that reduces the amount of blood sugar right after meals by preventing the absorption of sugar after meals.

In health-advanced- nation Japan, blood sugar managing products have already been favored as products since 10years ago. Locally, CJ Nutra ‘Control’ has been the first to earn the recognition of the Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) on its functionality and stability. Therefore, it can express the functionality that could aid blood sugar managing.

Blood sugar managing product CJ Nutra ‘Control’ is sugar and calorie-free. It is also colorless, odorless, tasteless, so it doesn’t affect the calorie and original taste of the food. In addition, it is a granule-type product that melts well within both cold and hot water, which facilitates intake.