CJ Indonesia\'s social activities sponsored by CJ Partner Club



PT. Cheil Samsung Indonesia which was joined in CJ     Indonesia Group, is a company that in its business development has been always doing its best as maximum as possible towards the condition of surrounding area. It has been the company's commitment by doing some social activities, starting from the first moment of the establishment of the factory until now, both in the sense of conditional or periodically.


As one of such attention forms, there had been a primary food donation program for the surrounding society, which was held at 24 September 2004, where in this occasion it was sponsored by CJ Partner Club Korea, as an arranger team as well as decision maker to CEOs, other than as a cooperation mediator of CJ Group companies in Korea and worldwide.


There were 500 packages of primary food distributed to poverty society live in 5 villages around the factory area, and there were also 550 packages of stationery for students distributed through schools that available around PT. CSI. The President of CJ Indonesia Group, Mr. J.J. Kim accompanied by the Executive Vice President Director of PT. CSI, Mr. S.W. Song, in this opportunity gave the primary food to the society. The distribution itself was focused in Letuh Hamlet, Toyaning Village, Rejoso District.


In his speech, Mr. J.J. Kim expressed his expectation that this primary food and stationeries donation would be a great advantages to the society, and this was as a form of company's concern to the society, and as an instrument to strengthen the communication as well as good relationship which has been built so far.