Independence Day celebration in Jakarta office



17 August as Indonesia Independence Day is a sacral day besides a moment fully colored by people funfair staged all over the country. People of almost corner of cities and villages are happy on the occasion of the 59th Indonesia’s independence anniversary.


Essentially, the celebration is not only as a realization of joy, but also in honor of the heroes’ service in fighting for presenting the country independence as we have so far enjoyed.


CJ Indonesia HQ Jakarta also celebrates nuance of the Independence Day, as it has been annual schedule. Various competitions are staged. Among others is sport competition like table tennis, mini golf, billiard, and bowling. They are competed among the company’s departments. The funfair nuance is colored by cheers of employees supporting their competing teams. Meanwhile, there are also expatriates taking part the competition fighting for their respective departments. It seems that the celebration is colored by joy and spirit of solidarity. In fact that such events could essentially build much positive values within the company lines, such as building sportiveness, team work and also solidarity.