PT. Cheil Samsung Indonesia’s Care for Community


Flood in a number of regions in the District of Pasuruan several years ago resulted in deep suffering for the people. PT. Cheil Samsung Indonesia helped them by organizing social service program that becomes the Company’s routine agenda. It distributed about 3,000 boxes of meal three times a day for 6 days, nine basic requirements to 15,000 family heads in 7 villages, free stationery to schools, and clean water.


For subsequent program, PT. Cheil Samsung Indonesia intends to cooperate with the District Administration of Pasuruan, especially to overcome flood issue, among others by normalizing the existing irrigation system.


Simultaneously with the spread of dengue fever disease, PT. Cheil Samsung Indonesia holds various programs, such as free spraying, distribution of Abate powder, and establishment of dengue fever center.

This care proves that cooperation between business world and community is necessary and becomes PT. Cheil Samsung Indonesia’s responsibility.