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Never-married teenage single parents
isolated from society and raising their kids alone
when they should be studying and having fun with their friends
A project for never-married teenage single parents
provides support to help make their dreams come true
even in tough times
CJ Donors Camp Dream Again
culture club activities (self-help group)

(In discussion)
Participant 1: "It was awkward, to tell you the truth. Everyone was meeting each other for the first time...)"
Participant 2: "It was the first time meeting mothers around my age, too.”
Participant 3: "How can I meet these people I don’t really know every other week to make a movie,
which is something I’ve never even done before? I’m so busy, I have to take care of my baby and all…"

They are here together for a new challenge.
For never-married teenage single parents
reaching out for their dreams with their children,
we provide education and vocational training
to help them achieve health and self-improvement
by participating in film/musical club activities (self-help group).

Participant 3: "I wasn’t really looking forward to this, but they’re all in the same situation as I am, so…”
Participant 2: "Life’s tough for them, too, but why do they have such great energy?
Participating in this workshop together, I felt like I actually belong here"
CJ Donors Camp Dream Again
Culture club activities (self-help group)

Activities to tell my story, or our story,
to many people

And ‘myself’ growing along the way
Participant 2: "Let’s just go and get along, I thought. It’s tough for me to approach others first, or to accept others when they approach me, but let’s just get along”
“Or I’ll at least try and do my job well, since it’s my job”

Time full of laughter and meaning

Participant 3: "This club lets me be myself and tell my story at ease,
so I keep looking forward to it, to talk”

Shooting the film [Interview]
Preparing the stage for the musical

Participant 3: "This wasn’t something I was looking forward to at first,
but I feel so upset now that it’s about to end.
I’m a little sad,
and… well…
I know it has to end, but I don’t want it to.

Participant 1: "It’s nice that I got to know these people
to whom I can talk more comfortably about childcare,
which is something I can’t really talk about with my other friends.
I think it’s also great to be able to share this bond
and talk about things that only we can relate to

Musical club [self-help group]-hash tag season2
[Love song through]

Film club [self-help group] short film

Participant 2: "I liked this CJ self-help group
because it was for moms.
It was led by moms,
and the timing, the program…
Everything was perfect for me,
and I could really get into it”

Through the culture club activities (self-help group) that went on for about 9 months,
they got to know some really good people and friends
to step out into the world together.

'A new challenge, time for me and us'
We support
the glorious dreams and healthy growth of
never-married teenage single parents!

CJ Donors Camp Dream Again

Special clips of Dream Again culture club activities!