[Hetbahn] Outreach Hetbahn Museum│Kids Cooking Class with Hetbahn Rice Grain Family


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Outreach Hetbahn Museum
Put on a Hetbahn lab coat and begin first period, the multi-grain rice nutrition class!
First period will be led by 'Hetbahn Museum' curators at CJ CheilJedang Smart Factory
In the first period, children will learn about the types and characteristics of rice and gains.
There are various programs for children to become more familiar with multi-grain rice.
Solve a quiz about multi-grain rice,
and play with some stickers of the characters inspired by multi-grain rice (Ssarari Family)
to make your own Hetbahn.
Take a picture after first period!
Now let’s get ready for second period, ‘Cooking Class’.
Second period will be led by CJ The Kitchen Cooking Class instructor.

Hetbahn Museum prepared a special experience

for children to become more familiar with rice.

Check out Kids Cooking Class now to

learn about grains and nutrition from the curators

and cook with CJ CheilJedang products!

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