[Hetbahn] Rice Grain Friends (song by Kang Ha-neul)


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Meet the eight Rice Grain Friends who are aspiring to become Hetbahn.
Join them on their exciting journey as they boldly set off to make their dreams come true.
(Song by Kang Ha-neul)
Now you can enjoy
Multi-grain rice
Every day
With Hetbahn
Brown rice, barley, black rice, and chickpeas
Hetbahn Multi-Grain Rice
Even better than freshly cooked rice
Because it’s Hetbahn
Healthy dietary life with multi-grain rice
Protect your health
With multi-grain rice
Better than rice

In 2020, the adventure of the Hetbahn Rice Grain Friends begins. 

Remember the Hetbahn Song to improve your daily dietary life! 

The Hetbahn Song is sung by actor Kang Ha-neul himself. 

Take a moment and enjoy this heart-warming version with the voices of the adorable Rice Grain Friends and Kang Ha-neul. 

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