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Youngsters dreaming of success in the cultural sectors
meet CJ, the Dream Lighthouse!
Background music) “Like That” composed by Nineteen Gold, a group created in the Youth Cultural Group Project of 2019
6 sectors of broadcasting, filmmaking, music, stage performance, culinary arts, and fashion/beauty
Opportunities for middle and high school students to discover their talents
College Mentors in related majors
Expert Mentors among industry experts including CJ staff
Celebrities of different sectors as Master Mentors
Master Mentor for Fashion and Beauty – Han Hye-yeon
Master Mentor for Broadcasting – Na Young-seok
Master Mentor for Music – Shin Seung-hun
Master Mentor for Filmmaking – Yoon Je-kyoon
Master Mentor for Stage Performance – Kim Moon-jeong
Master Mentor for Culinary Arts – Kim Byeong-pil

Fashion and beauty
Stage performance
Culinary arts

Creative activity mentoring and sector-specific lectures and hands-on experiences
Learning to cooperate and communicate through group activities
Opportunities for cultural experiences and creative activities suited for different growth stages
Because this is what CJ aims to do and what CJ can do better than anyone

Opportunity to present the outcomes of the creative activities of the cultural groups

By giving youth the opportunity to grow through cultural activities
and inspiring them to nurture their dreams,
we help them achieve their dreams
and a brighter future.
We foster the passion and enthusiasm of youth
so that they can realize their dreams.

CJ Donors’ Camp – Dream Lighthouse Project

“Youngsters dreaming of success in the cultural sectors meet CJ, the Dream Lighthouse." 

The Dream Lighthouse Project is CJ’s community outreach program designed to help youth engage in creative activities under the guidance of mentors who strive to inspire and motivate them to discover and show their talent in various cultural sectors and support them to grow through diverse lectures and hands-on experiences. 

Project details: https://www.donorscamp.org/culDreamAbout.do

V-log of each group: https://www.donorscamp.org/clubCast.do 

(The Youth Cultural Group Project of 2019 was renamed the Dream Lighthouse Project in 2020.)

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