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  • Road to Pyeongchang
  • Dream Come True
  • Sharing Our Dreams
  • Korea Ski Association, Korea Bobsleigh · Skeleton Federation
    and Top Players
    CJ has sponsored snow sports and sleigh sports since 2010, despite never winning any medals in the Olympics. CJ will strategically sponsor and invest in the winter sports for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics so that the Korean team can become a powerhouse dominating the winter sports arena.
  • Tennis Talents
    Tennis is a popular world sport, although unpopular in Korea. CJ has sponsored the promising tennis player Jeong Yun-seong since 2016 and will continue to discover new students who will be successful in the future.
  • Taekwondo in Vietnam
    CJ has sponsored the national Taekwondo team of Vietnam since 2012 London Olympics as many affiliates of CJ Group are operating businesses in the country. CJ scouts famous Korean coaches and dispatches them to Vietnam in order to train the national team. CJ seeks to promote excellence and the spirit of Taekwondo, the national sport of Korea and a key part of the Korean Wave.

Meet Our Players

  • Seong-bin Yun(Born in 1994)
    Sports: Skeleton
    16 IBSF World Championship (2nd Place / First in Asia)
    16 IBSF World Cup in St. Moritz (1st Place / First in Korea)
    15 IBSF World Cup in Lake Placid (2nd Place)
  • Sang-ho Lee(Born in 1995)
    Sports: Snowboard, Alpine
    16 FIS Europa Cup (1st Place / First in Korea)
    16 FIS Switzerland Europa Cup (4th Place)
    15 FIS World Junior Championships (1st Place)
  • Jae-woo Choi(Born in 1994)
    Sports: Freestyle Skiing, Moguls
    14 Winter Olympics (Qualified for the final / First in Korea)
    13 FIS World Ski Championship (5th Place / First in Asia)
    13 FIS Rookie of the Year (First in Asia)
  • Ho-jun Kim(Born in 1990)
    Sports: Snowboard, Halfpipe
    14 Winter Olympics
    12 TTR World Snowboard Tour
    10 Winter Olympics
  • Yun-seong Jeong(Born in 1998)
    Sports: Tennis
    16 Australian Open Boy’s Single Semifinals
    15 US Open Boy’s Single Semifinals
    15 Wimbledon Championships Boy’s Single Quarterfinals