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모터스포츠 자동차 이미지
Towards Asia’s No.1
motorsports championship

    Super Race Championship is the biggest car race in Korea, receiving the "championship" title approval from Korea Automobile Racing Association (KARA) under Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA). Ever since CJ Group's participation in 2006, the Super Race Championship rapidly became a representative motorsports event of Korea. Currently it holds the one and only stock car race in Asia, with top racers from Korea, Germany, and Japan as participants. Since 2013, Super Race Asia has been held in Korea, China, and Japan, striving to be the best motorsports event in Asia.

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  • Stock Car

    Stock Car is a high performance racing car designed by Super Race Corp. to promote motorsports in Korea. Fully equipped with a 6,000cc engine putting out 436bhp, optimum performance is achieved by teamwork between drivers and dedicated mechanics. Stock Car will get drivers' adrenaline going at top speed of 300km. Only engineered for racing, Stock Car doesn't offer comfort or utilities, but it does come with top-quality safety gear, ensuring safety for drivers.


CJ Logistics Racing

CJ Logistics Racing is the successor of CJ’s initial racing team, which produced championship winners of the 2009, 2011~2013 Super Race Super 6000 Class Series. CJ Logistics Racing scouted Ji-woo Hwang, a top driver of Korea, and Dong-eun KIm, a next-generation driver, as team players.

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  • Director / Player Hwang Jin-woo Director / Player
    Hwang Jin-woo
    Coach / Driver
    Jinwoo Hwang
    • 2014 CJ Super Race Super 6000 Class Runner-up
    • 2013 CJ Super Race Super 6000 Class Champion
  • Driver Dong-eun Kim Player
    Kim Dong-eun
    Dong-eun Kim
    • 2013 CJ Super Race Super 6000 Class runner-up
    • 2012 CJ Super Race Super 6000 Class 3rd place


Founded in 2016, CHEILJEDANG RACING TEAM scouted top racer Eui-su Kim and Il-gi Oh. The team is emerging as a winning team, recognized for its outstanding skills and competence.

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  • Driver Il-gi Oh Player Oh Il-giopen
    Il-gi Oh
    • 2012 KSF Genesis Coupe 3rd place
    • 2011 KSF Genesis Coupe runner-up
  • Coach / Driver Eui-Su Kim Coach / Driver
    Eui-Su Kimopen
    Coach / Driver
    Eui-Su Kim
    • 2014 CJ Super Race Super 6000 Class 3rd place
    • 2013 CJ Super Race Super 6000 Class 3rd place
    • 2011-2012 CJ Super Race Super 6000 Class Champion


Newly founded in 2016, E&M MOTORSPORTS TEAM scouted young and passionate drivers Jin-seong Kang and Jae-hyeon Kim. A promising team of young drivers with enthusiasm and great driving skills, this team can be count on.

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  • Driver Jae-Hyeon Kim Driver
    Jae-Hyeon Kimopen
    Jae-Hyeon Kim
    • 2014 KARA This Year's Driver Prize
    • 2014 KSF Championship Class Youngest Korean Champion
    • 2013 KSF Forte Coupe Class Youngest Korean Champion
  • Player Kang Jin-seong Player
    Kang Jin-seongopen
    Kang Jin-seong
    • 2014 Philippines Motor Sports Championship GT1500 Class (participated)
    • 2013 CJ Super Race Championship Super 6000 Class (participated)


Founded to further develop the motorsports industry in Korea, CJ RACING JUNIOR PROGRAM supports young and promising players to pursue their dreams as professional drivers.
Young drivers gain experiences and skills by participating in diverse domestic and international games, eventually surfacing as professional drivers.

  • Driver Kang-du Kim Driver
    Kang-du Kimopen
    Kang-du Kim
    • 2015 Korea Cart Challenge (KEC) Series Champion
    • 2014 Rotax Max Challenge Grand Final DD2 Class (participated)