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Road to Global No.1

The world’s top prestigious
team with 150,000 fans

CJ ENTUS professional game team was founded in 2006 and entered the e-sports market. CJ ENTUS has displayed its outstanding competence in many world competitions, scoring highly in many games and developing as the world’s most prestigious team with 150,000 members in the fan club. CJ is investing heavily in the development of the e-sports industry to bring customers joy and fun.

About the Professional Game Team


    ENTUS (Entertain + Us) was so named for the enthusiasm and challenging team spirit that brings
    such joy and passion to fans. It contributes to opening a new horizon of e-sports as the world’s
    most prestigious e-sports professional game team.

    Watch the Games
  • Leagueoflegends Team

    Currently, we have two teams of players for ‘Starcraft 2’ and ‘League of Legends’. CJ ENTUS possesses the strongest fandom with the best abilities, while also enjoying the synergy effect of media contents and e-sports culture. CJ ENTUS has won many domestic and international competitions and brought fun and excitement to people around the world. It has become the world’s most prestigious e-sports professional game team and now seeks to contribute to establishing a healthy e-sports culture as the icon of teen’s culture.