Kimchi lactobacillus for Koreans

Kimchi lactobacillus for Koreans


BYO lactobacillus

BYO lactobacillus

Only the premium lactobacillus from kimchi is contained after 7 years of research into Cheiljedang’s food fermentation technology, built up over the past 60 years.

BYO lactobacillus recovers the
Original Balance of our body.

  • By Original

    By Original

    Made after 7 years of researches using
    Cheiljedang’s food fermentation technology.

  • By Oriental

    Vegetable lactobacillus found from kimchi
    which is known as the most healthy
    fermented food in the world.

    By Oriental

  • By Ordinal

    By Ordinal

    Found the amazing functionality from the
    133rd out of 3,500 lactobacillus in kimchi.

About 3,500 kimchi lactobacillus were analyzed and we found the
genuine lactobacillus fit for Koreans.

About 3,500 kimchi lactobacillus were analyzed to identify genuine lactobacillus fit for Koreans.

  • The effects of CJLP133 recognized by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, an unprecedented step
  • Korea’s original lactobacillus found from kimchi
  • Possible to intake about 10 billion or more of the lactobacillus per day
  • No chemical additives


The 243rd kimchi lactobacillus CJLP243 for Korean people’s intestine

  • Strong life-force that can survive in the stomach
  • Excellent adhesiveness in the intestine!
  • Relax intestines tired from repeated inconvenience!


Find you Original Balance
Healthy BYO
keeps balanced nutrition

BYO is written with a round font and ‘Y’ means
the image of person while ‘O’ means the
protection layer that keeps healthy bacteria.

Find you Original Balance