Spreading Korean Cuisine Around the World,
Healthy CJ Brands

  • 비비고 CJ CheilJedang
    BIBIGO Pride of Korean Food

    Korean Cuisine brand recognized worldwide for its innovations by adding modern twist to traditional Korean cuisine.

  • 햇반 CJ CheilJedang
    Hetbahn Better than Rice

    Hetbahn is a representative brand, for delicious and fresh cooked rice.

  • Gourmet CJ CheilJedang
    Gourmet A special delicacy every day

    For Gourmet, good ingredients and safe cooking methods are par for the course; based on the know-how and expertise of chefs and recipes from all around the world, Gourmet is able to provide you with a new gourmet experience!

  • The Healthy CJ CheilJedang
    The Healthy Delicious and healthy

    Being sure to use only the best ingredients without the need of any synthetic additives, this processed meat/seafood brand offers food with natural flavors and textures for your enjoyment.

  • DASIDA CJ제일제당
    DASIDA The Taste of Home

    Even with the most basic ingredients, you can still prepare a delicious home-cooked meal. DASIDA, the god of cookery

  • Haechandle CJ CheilJedang
    Haechandle Harnessing the Best of Nature's Flow

    The best fermented condiments, aged to perfection by nature.

  • Beksul CJ CheilJedang
    Beksul Taste Since 1953

    The tasty, fresh, and convenient brand you can trust.

  • Petitzel CJ CheilJedang
    Petitzel Lifetime Dessert

    A lifetime dessert, refreshing and renewing your everyday

  • SPAM CJ CheilJedang
    SPAM A Slice of Spam on Rice

    Representative side dish brand which has been loved by all families for more than 20 years.

  • Maxbon CJ CheilJedang
    Maxbon Chic Urban Snack

    Daily refreshing snack brand which recharges positive energy in routine daily life.

  • Samho Eomuk CJ CheilJedang
    Samho Eomuk As expected from the fishcake powerhouse.

    Samho Eomuk is well known for its gold standard fishcakes, also referred to as muk (jellied food) processed seafood made from white fish. With a particular emphasis on the brand’s principles and philosophy, Samho Eomuk creates the best tasting fishcakes with the natural taste and health benefits of white fish.

  • Gejeoleohbo CJ CheilJedang
    Gejeoleohbo Seafood straight from the sea

    A brand conveniently offering the taste and nutrition of the sea right on your dining table.

  • Sweetree CJ CheilJedang
    Sweetree Sweetener for Healthy Living

    Devleoped by CJ CheilJedang R&D lab to accompany 100 years of lasting health for your family

  • SANDRAE CJ CheilJedang
    SANDRAE Delicious natural ingredients

    A brand that offers delicious foods made with natural ingredients that can be enjoyed by the whole family

  • Dadam CJ CheilJedang
    Dadam Cooking Made Easy, Dadam

    Ready-made culinary bases, perfect for Korean cuisines.

  • Happy Soy CJ CheilJedang
    Happy Soy For Those Who Lilke Tofu, Happy Soy

    Without additives, defoamer, emulsifier, and oil. The purest form of tofu.

  • Hasunjung CJ CheilJedang
    Hasunjung Korean Cuisine House Hasunjung

    'A traditional fermented Korean cuisine brand, advancing 50 years of taste and nutrition.

  • METIER CJ CheilJedang
    METIER My Enjoyable Profession

    Professional development for baristas and bartenders through gourmet café products

  • BYO CJ CheilJedang
    BYO Find Your Original Balance

    BYO is premium functional lactobacillus recovering healthy 'Original Balance' of our body.

  • H.O.P.E CJ CheilJedang
    H.O.P.E SUPERFOOD Hope of Health

    The Daily Partner that makes your life energetic.

  • Hanppuri CJ CheilJedang
    Hanppuri A source of vigor for Korean people.

    Reviving healthy taste through Korea's traditional natural ingredients. Hanppuri is CJ Cheiljedang's representative healthy food brand.

  • Matbam CJ CheilJedang
    Matbam Nothing Added, Purely Prepared Natural Chestnuts

    Keeping its natural integrity intact. A premium snack with the taste and nutrition to match.

  • Joy of Growing Together CJ CheilJedang
    Joy of Growing Together Joyful Together, CJ CheilJedang

    CJ Cheiljedang pursues mutual growth to provide continuous and practical assistance based on sincerity. 'Happy Companion' CJ's ONLY ONE brand for mutual growth toward CSV beyond CSR.

  • O'Nature CJ CheilJedang
    O'Nature The Oath of Nature

    For a happier life of our dogs and cats. Food for our companion animals.

  • O'Fresh CJ CheilJedang
    O'Fresh Original FRESH

    A pet food brand focused on the nutritional value of fresh ingredients.

  • Chef's Solution CJ CheilJedang
    Chef's Solution Sincere as well as trustworthy

    Chef’s Solution, reliable food ingredients that solve all your cooking needs.

  • Mongjungheon CJ CheilJedang
    Mongjungheon Inviting You to the House of Dream

    Mongjungheon is dimsum which can be made by only the master of Chinese food. Enjoy the traditional profound taste of Chinese dishes and dimsums which can't be experienced at any other place in Korea. The antique but modern and fashionable ambiance offers luxurious dining.

  • itswell CJ Freshway
    itswell QQuality Promise
    We promise you the good quality

    CJ Freshway's processed food brand which compromises processed food, kitchen utensils, and consumables, and Korea's first food material brand. Providing the most product lines passed thorough quality test with rational and competitive price.

  • n.GRILL CJ Foodville
    n.GRILL Special Occasion and Place, French Fine Dining

    n.Grill is a French restaurant located in the highest point of N Seoul Tower boasting the best view in Korea. While watching panoramic views of Seoul on the 360 degree revolving hall, enjoy creative French courses presented by star chef Duncan Robertson who had worked at Michelin restaurant 'Nobu' and 'Atelier de Joel Robuchon.'

  • The Steak House CJ Foodville
    The Steak House Ultimate Steak Experience

    The Steakhouse is a Fine Dining Restaurant serving excellent steaks roasted perfectly based on traditional New York-style recipe made of best-in-class meat.

  • VIPS CJ Foodville
    VIPS My No.1 Steak House

    VIPS is Korea's original brand which does not pay loyalty to foreign country. It offers traditional premium steak like luxurious steak house and seasonal diverse and fresh salad bar loved by people in all ages.

    CHEILJEMYUNSO Noodle Kitchen with the Mind of a Noodle Master

    Cheil-jemyunso is a specialized noodle restaurant that got its name by combining the word "Cheil" (the best) and "jemyunso" (noodle factory), founded based on the ambition to make the best noodles with mastership and sincerity.

  • TOUS les JOURS CJ Foodville
    TOUS les JOURS Healthy Bakery with Quality Ingredients

    Tous les Jours uses customized flours for each bread type in order to get its unique taste and offers 'Pure' series and European healthy breads with quality ingredients with the concept of 'Healthy Bakery'.

  • Season's Table CJ Foodville
    Season's Table Healthy Dining with Fresh Seasonal Flavors

    Season's Table uses fresh ingredients directly supplied by local farms nationwide to realize coexistence with farmers and offers healthy seasonal Korean Food cooked with seasonal ingredients.

  • VIPS BURGER CJ Foodville
    VIPS BURGER Premium Homemade Burger

    The traditional homemade style burger was developed by Steak House VIP's own know-how using Australian pure meat. The delicious taste is a combination of juicy meat patty, soft bun, fresh tomato, onion and lettuce.

  • A TWOSOME PLACE CJ Foodville

    TWOSOME PLACE ( is a "premium dessert cafe" where you can enjoy your "own small happiness" offering the 'dessert culture' fun for your eyes and mouth with the scent of coffee. The combination of coffee and dessert at TWOSOME PLACE presents sweet tastes and small happiness in everyday life.

  • THE PLACE CJ Foodville
    THE PLACE Italian Urban Bistro

    THE PLACE is an Italian Urban Bistro with the motif "Aperitivo". Based on the Italian cooking philosophy to use local fresh ingredients and keep the original tastes, THE PLACE offers local and fresh ingredients with the sentiment of Milano, the center of fashion and desing, on interiors and menu designs.

  • N SEOUL TOWER CJ Foodville
    N SEOUL TOWER A Romantic Getwaway in the City

    N Seoul Tower is Korea's no. 1 sightseeing and multi cultural place in the center of Seoul where you can relax and enjoy diverse cultures. The 360 degree view of Seoul and romantic contents are loved by couples and foreigners. CJ offers optimal F&B services including nGrill, Hankook, N Burger, and MD shops including N Gift, and The BA:NG.

  • CJ FOODWORLD CJ Foodville
    CJ FOODWORLD he Absolute Dining Space

    Meet CJ's dining brands at a place and experience new dining culture.


  • Lysine CJ CheilJedang Bio Div.
    Lysine Healthy Diet with BestAmino

    Representative Amino-acid brand of CJ CheilJedang, this product promotes animal growth.

  • Threonine CJ CheilJedang Bio Div.
    Threonine Healthy Diet with BestAmino

    Representative brand of CJ Cheiljedang’s amino-acid. This brand represents pride to provide the best quality product, service, and customer value. Threonine: The 3rd limiting amino acid which helps immunity and sedative effect for livestock.

  • Nucletides CJ CheilJedang Bio Div.
    Nucletides Better Taste and Value with CJTIDE

    Global cost competitiveness no. 1 CJ Cheiljedang’s representative food additives brand.

  • MSG CJ CheilJedang Bio Div.
    MSG MI-POONG, Quaility MSG

    The representative brand of CJ Cheiljedang with its 50 years of fermentation history.