Journey to Unlimited Joy

"Journey to Unlimited Joy" tvN is a total entertainment channel broadcasting
in the US, Asian regions as well as nationwide Korea.
This is the No.1 Content Creator group loved by all ages with novel entertainment shows,
well-made dramas, and diverse educational programs.

tvn모든 편성 프로그램

tvN 10th Aniversary

10 times more fun,
10 times more heartwarming

tvN started the first broadcasting on October 9, 2006 and
it celebrates 10th anniversary this year.
It has introduced novel programs leading the trend of broadcasting
market for the past 10 years and has grown up as
the best content creator in Korea.
tvN will reward to the love from our viewers with more novel contents
by putting active investments and enthusiastic efforts this year as
we celebrate our 10th anniversary.

Korea’s best total entertainment channel, tvN with four identities.

tvN is enthusiastically loved by viewers with our novel and differentiated original programs and has become an influential channel.

  • Fun&Exciting

    - Saturday Night Live

  • Cutting-edge

    - Let's Eat Together

  • Leading

    - Homemade Cook Master

  • Empathetic

    - Misaeng
    (Incomplete Life)

tvN 10th Aniversary

“tvN thinks only about your happiness”

The contents that make us surprising, shocking, thrilling, or feel fierce.
The stories that console our present with nostalgia and feel relaxed and comfort.
Fun laughs, empathy, humanity, and warmth.
tvN will always be with you with the fun.

tvN’s most loved programs

  • tvN’s most loved programs
  • tvN’s most loved programs
  • tvN’s most loved programs
  • tvN’s most loved programs
  • tvN’s most loved programs
tvN’s most loved programs
tvN’s most loved programs
tvN’s most loved programs
tvN’s most loved programs
tvN’s most loved programs
  • When was the time you were the most happy?
    A love song for everyone who lives, suffers, and do well in the present. Take a trip to the past days when the youth passed so fast like the spring season.
    This exciting and fun comic drama about five families in Ssangmun village in 1988 recorded the highest viewing rate in the history of Korean cable TV.

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  • Always ‘Thanks!’ because we are together although we are poor or under difficulties.
    This ‘Flower’ series has created travel boom in Korea!
    ‘Flower Grandpa’ was exported to seven countries including China (Dragon TV) and Mexico and won the Best TV Program of Baeksang Awards.
    After ‘Flower Sisters’ recently broadcasted ‘Flower Boys, Africa’ recorded the highest viewing rate as 21.6% with the stars of ‘Reply 1988’ including Junyeol, Jahong, Gyeongpyo, and Bogum.
    They go to the oldest desert on earth Namibia and travel for 10 straight days to Victoria Falls which is the top 3 falls in the world!

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  • “No crime can be concealed!”
    Drama ‘Signal’ recorded the highest viewing rate 10.1% per minute and loved by viewers with tightly connected story and great acting by actors and actresses.
    This drama was planned with the hope and desire to prevent additional victims and their families.
    “Our times have been connected.” Detectives in the present and the past are connected with a walkie talkie to solve cold cases!

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  • The road is opened to everyone but not everyone can have the road.
    Drama Miseang won the Presidential Merit of Korea Contents Awards and the Best Prize of Korea Cable TV Association in the category of Contents. This drama was loved by Korean office workers.
    The main character failed to enter a professional go team and was thrown to the fierce reality.
    This drama is a love song for every healthy minded office workers who try to do the best for even insignificant work and be recognized by their ‘work’ rather than ‘politics’ in the workplace.

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  • Escape from hectic city life and go to peaceful and lazy fishing village…
    Perfect self-sufficiency is possible with food ingredients from everywhere in this island in the middle of the ocean! To go the sea to fish in the morning, or eat cabbage and potatoes if they fail to catch fish.
    Slow but great story in the beautiful fishing village.
    The plain but unique ‘Three Meals a Day’ won the Korea Cable TV Association Awards in the category of Creative Contents and the Prize from Minister of Culture and Sports of Korea Contents Awards.

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