Content Trend Leader

"Content Trend Leader" tvN is a total entertainment channel broadcasting
in the US, Asian regions as well as nationwide Korea.
This is the No.1 Content Creator group loved by all ages with novel entertainment shows,
well-made dramas, and diverse educational programs.

tvn모든 편성 프로그램

tvN 10th Aniversary

Since its establishment in October 9, 2006, tvN has been
Korea's leading general entertainment channel provided in
Korea as well as the United States and Asia.

tvN constantly comes up with enjoyable original content based on
creative ideas, appealing to, and winning the hearts of,
viewers of all ages.

We always seek to create "new kinds of joy that have never been
experienced in this world" based on our fearless spirit of adventure.

Korea’s best total entertainment channel, tvN with four identities.

tvN is enthusiastically loved by viewers with our novel and differentiated original programs and has become an influential channel.

  • Fun&Exciting

    New Journey to the West

  • Cutting-edge

    - Prison Playbook

  • Leading

    - Memories of the Alhambra

  • Empathetic

    Youn's Kitchen

tvN 10th Aniversary

“tvN thinks only about your happiness”

The contents that make us surprising, shocking, thrilling, or feel fierce.
The stories that console our present with nostalgia and feel relaxed and comfort.
Fun laughs, empathy, humanity, and warmth.
tvN will always be with you with the fun.

tvN’s most loved programs

  • tvN’s most loved programs
  • tvN’s most loved programs
  • tvN’s most loved programs
  • tvN’s most loved programs
  • tvN’s most loved programs
tvN’s most loved programs
tvN’s most loved programs
tvN’s most loved programs
tvN’s most loved programs
tvN’s most loved programs
  • “Silence is no longer the answer.”
    Breaking the limits of Korean drama An investigation drama about power and corruption A well-produced investigative drama that suggests a new direction for the Korean genre featuring power and corruption, based on a solid script, careful production, and exemplary performances from the cast. “Silence is no longer the answer.” See the world of the powerful, rife with corruption, through the cold, calculating eyes of a district attorney who can no longer be swayed by emotion. The twists and turns will keep you guessing until the very end.

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  • ‘New Journey to the West’, for when you seek a good laugh.
    An original digital concept, ‘New Journey to the West’ has been expanded to all content platforms. ‘New Journey to the West’ combines the raw edginess of web-based variety shows with current, popular issues to maintain record-high ratings! Even ‘Supplement to New Journey to the West: Kang’s Kitchen’, an expansion project that started out as a bet between the cast and the crew, has been firmly established as a standard-bearer of Korean variety shows. The first variety show from tvN to be named ‘the Most Favorite TV Program in Korea’. (November 2018, Gallup Korea)

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  • Something for all of us
    Even for a brief moment, a god sets foot in our lives
    When you stray far from the well-traveled path of the society, when you feel a gentle push back toward the world... That is when a god has come to pay you a visit. The Guardian, a being of both loneliness and splendor. A romantic tale that gives a fresh, new take on Korean dramas which has exceeded an audience rating of 20% for the first time ever among Korean dramas, thus kicking off a global craze for Guardian.

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  • The road is opened to everyone but not everyone can have the road.
    Drama Miseang won the Presidential Merit of Korea Contents Awards and the Best Prize of Korea Cable TV Association in the category of Contents. This drama was loved by Korean office workers.
    The main character failed to enter a professional go team and was thrown to the fierce reality.
    This drama is a love song for every healthy minded office workers who try to do the best for even insignificant work and be recognized by their ‘work’ rather than ‘politics’ in the workplace.

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  • Come on in and stay awhile.
    We’ve gone to the effort of preparing heartfelt dishes full of sincerity
    To take pleasure in a leisurely flow of time where warm people live, we’ve opened a cozy restaurant that always stays true in today’s hectic world. ‘Youn’s Kitchen’ dares to leave behind the pace of daily life, mingling with the quaint charms of a small town. We’re rewriting a flavorful chapter of Korean healing variety shows, forming a new trend alongside our neighbors, in order to bring Korean food culture to the global stage.

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