M.net Asian Music Awards

Music Makes One!Asia's best music awards bringing everyone together with music!
The global music festival that everybody in the world enjoys! Mnet Asian Music Awards.

  • Asia’s major music festival - MAMA

    Mnet Asian Music Awards, or MAMA was first launched in 1999 under the name ‘Mnet Music Video Festival’. The festival was later renamed several times as ‘Mnet KM Music Video Festival’ in 2004 and ‘Mnet KM Music Festival’ in 2006, and finally rebranded in 2009 with its current name ‘Mnet Asian Music Awards’, signaling its new start as Asia's music awards festival.
    Since then, the festival has continued its successful streak in Macau in 2010, Singapore in 2011 and Hong Kong from 2012 to 2015, solidifying its position as Asia's best music awards festival that brings together many music fans of the world.

  • The best music awards ceremony - MAMA

    Having presented a new and creative concept every year, Mnet Asian Music Awards is about to showcase its next evolution with this year's concept "Connection".
    The festival will present you with a space of dreams where a world of music that one can only imagine is able to connect with reality, an art space that intertwines technology and emotion, and a space of music for realizing communication by connecting online with offline.

  • 2016 MAMA in HONGKONG

The Creators’ Forum, first introduced at MAMA 2016, is a place to share the vision of the music industry and the insights of music industry leaders with music/entertainment professionals. Through this forum, MAMA is committed to evolving from merely being a music awards ceremony to a culture platform to share the long-term vision and insights of the entertainment industry.
The global music festival that transcends being a mere awards ceremony will connect artists, creators and everyone in the world involved in the music industry!
The new 2016 MAMA! People of the world are eagerly awaiting this festival!