KCON All Things Hallyu

All Things Hallyu
KCON, first global K-Culture festival
KCON spreading throughout the world
KCON, an innovative K-Culture fan-oriented Hallyu festival
combining a K-Pop gala concert and a large-scale Hallyu convention, has been successfully staged in many countries throughout the world,
from the US in 2012 to the UAE in 2016. The largest KCON ever will be held in LA, the US, in July, 2016.
KCON catching the eyes and ears of worldwide fans
The global festival KCON has provided an all-encompassing marketing platform, including an offline promotion within the convention, viral digital videos and PPL on the basis of powerful Hallyu contents, especially about K-Music, a 21st-century style music with an organic fusion of vocal talent, style and performance.
K-Culture for the world
KCON is a global festival which showcases Korean culture to the world through K-Music.
Much more than just a festival, it has become a multi-functional event combining culture, service and product marketing.
KCON is set to emerge as K-Culture Showcase which provides global fans with an opportunity to experience
various types of Korean culture and contents, involving K-Drama, K-Film, K-Beauty, K-Culture and K-Food,
further spreading the value of K-Culture and fascinating the world as a platform on which to expand the Hallyu community.