Building Dreams and Creating Joy Worldwide,
Happy CJ Brands

  • tvN CJ ENM E&M Div.
    XtvN Come and embrace some amazing entertainment, X tvN

    A dedicated entertainment channel launched on January 26, 2018, X tvN provides fun-fueled and fresh entertainment content for viewers’ satisfaction, the likes of which have never been conceived before.

  • tvN CJ CUP
    THE CJ CUP @NINE BRIDGES Korea's first official PGA Tour event

    THE CJ CUP @ NINE BRIDGES is the first-ever official PGA Tour event in Korean golf history, held at Jeju’s prestigious golf club Nine Bridges, the only Korean golf club to have been listed in the world's top 100 golf clubs.

  • tvN CJ Logistics
    SUPERRACE Korea's iconic motorsport

    Super Race Championship is Korea's leading motorsports event and is also an international series competition approved by Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA).

  • tvN CJ ENM E&M Div.
    tvN Journey to Unlimited Joy

    "Journey to Unlimited Joy" tvN started airing on October 9, 2006. This total entertainment channel is aired in nationwide Korea, the US, and Asian regions. It is the No. 1 Content Creator group making novel and differentiated entertainment shows, well-made dramas, and diverse cultural programs loved by all ages.

  • Mnet CJ ENM E&M Div.
    Mnet Music Makes One

    Mnet is Korea's No. 1 Music Entertainment Platform leading global K-Culture.

  • CJ Entertainment CJ ENM E&M Div.
    CJ Entertainment No.1 Studio in Asia, CJ Entertainment

    CJ Entertainment joined the movie industry in 1995 and has become 'Asia No. 1 Studio' by distributing more than 500 movies in Korea and overseas. In particular, the company is praised as the leader of industrialization and advancement of Korean movie industry in every process of movie including planning, investment, distribution, and international project. CJ ENM E&M Div.'s movie division will take the role of advance guard in Korean culture industry through diverse joint movie productions with the US, China, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia as well as with domestic partners.

  • MAMA CJ ENM E&M Div.
    MAMA Music Makes One

    Music Makes One! This is Asia's best music awards which began as Mnet Music Video Awards and has continuously evolved with the growth of Korean music industry. Its name was changed into Mnet Asian Music Awards in 2009 and has been held in Macao in 2010, Singapore in 2011, and in Hong Kong from 2012 to 2015, as "Asia's representative music festival."

  • KCON CJ ENM E&M Div.
    KCON All Things Hallyu

    The first global K-Culture festival combining 'All Things Hallyu' convention and concerts. Beyond mere festival, culture, service and products are combined to experience diverse cultures of Korea including K-pop, K-drama, K-film, K-beauty, K-fashion, and K-food at this convention type festival.

  • OCN CJ ENM E&M Div.
    OCN No. 1 Channel in Korea, OCN

    OCN possesses the largest number of film publication rights in Korea. It plans and produces well-made films and genre dramas including <Bad Boys> <TEN> <Vampire Prosecutor> <God's Quiz> and <Cheoyong> opening up a new horizon of Korean genre dramas with 'OCN ORIGINAL' brand.

  • Channel CGV CJ ENM E&M Div.
    Channel CGV Your Movie Curator Channel CGV

    Channel CGV is Korea's representative movie channel which airs the larges number of Korean and international movies fast to viewers. Diverse movies and professional information programs with 'all the valuable film contents' are offered for your 'Movie-like times'.

  • Super Action CJ ENM E&M Div.
    Super Action De-stressing exciting action!

    Super Action is Korea's only one channel specialized in action which provides the best Hollywood films and the latest international action TV series with about 1,800 contents per year. This channel exclusively air Road FC which is the biggest martial arts league.

  • Catch On CJ ENM E&M Div.
    CATCH ON Premium Movie Service, CATCH ON

    Premium movie service with fixed monthly pay to enjoy the latest blockbusters and international TV series. Sign up on Catch On then Catch On and Catch On Plus are basically provided with additional 400 Catch On VOD and unlimited movie application <My Catch On>.

  • On Style CJ ENM E&M Div.
    On Style Korea’s leading fashion and beauty trend channel.

    Since its launch in 2004, OnStyle has built an unrivaled presence in the fashion & beauty genre, leading many Korean trends. In 2017, OnStyle shed its previous form as a channel that simply triggered a sense of longing and reformed itself into a channel that inspires sympathy with a view to conveying the interests and values of women aged between 20-34, known as Millennials. Tackling various real-life matters and issues including value consumption, gender sensitivity, self-development, employment, sex, health, and beauty, style is supporting Korean women trying to shine as their true selves.

  • O’live CJ ENM E&M Div.
    Olive Life-entertainment channel O’live

    Conveying the happiness of life, O’live has evolved into a life-entertainment channel by presenting viewers with small but fun surprises as they go about their daily lives.

  • OtvN CJ ENM E&M Div.
    OtvN tvN plus insights! O tvN

    Launched on September 10, 2015, O tvN is a channel that conveys to viewers a broad range of insights as well as tidbits of wisdom essential in life, and does so in a fun manner so that they can not only experience the joy of learning new things, but they also can have room to look back on their lives and advance themselves for a better future.

  • Tooniverse CJ ENM E&M Div.
    Tooniverse No. 1 Children's Channel in Korea

    Korea's representative children's channel which has kept no. 1 of viewing rate among kids for the past 20 years. 'Toonivers' is loved by not only children but also parents and all the family. It makes children culture in Korea as the Kids' No.1 brand by leading the kids brand through diverse contents sympathizing and communicating with children.

  • OGN CJ ENM E&M Div.
    OGN e-Sports to e-Culture

    OGM leads young people's entrainment and play culture as game broadcasting channel. It produces and airs contents of online, video, and mobile games. Moreover, it has produced the first in the world 'e-Sports' contents and now broadcasting to 150 countries in the world.

  • China TV CJ ENM E&M Div.

    Drama, film, entertainment, and even documentary! ZH TV channel airs Chinese contents the most fast and lively. It contributes to understand Chinese culture by introducing hot Chinese contents and will leap up further as the center of exchanging cultural contents between China and Korea.

  • UXN CJ ENM E&M Div.
    UXN The Premium UHD Channel, UXN

    UXN is Korea's first UHD channel opened on June 1, 2015. UXN airs the latest blockbuster films such as <Myeongrang> <International Market> and <Veteran> and dramas and entertainment shows produced by CJ E&M such as <Reply 1988> <Signal> and <Hero in the town> through the best UHD screen.


    Plug in Music & Arts. Meet music and arts. 2016 Jisan Valley Rock Music & Arts Festival suggests diverse ways of enjoying diverse music at the place where you can communicate with arts and cultures in the nature and fulfill artistic emotions and creative inspirations.

  • CJ Musical CJ ENM E&M Div.

    Amazingly charming arts. Everything of live entertainment! CJ E&M's performance division has offered about 300 license and produced musicals began with <Cats> in 2003 and established the foundation of Korean musical market. It continues expanding Asian market penetrating Korea, China, and Japan with creative musicals such as <To Find Kim Jong Wook> <Werther> and <Pungwolju> and also participate in Broadway and West End as joint producers of <Kinky Boots> <Bodyguard> and <August Rush> and has become the platform and producer of global contents.

  • Mwave CJ ENM E&M Div.
    Mwave K-POP Makes on Mwave

    Mwave leads divers K-Culture contents services including K-pop, and operates global online fan-meeting projects with 'Meet & Greet.'

  • tving CJ ENM E&M Div.
    tving Every Day, Everywhere tving

    Tving is online VOD service to watch diverse CJ ENM E&M Div. channels including tvN, Mnet, OCN, Tooniverse, and ZH TV, Korean and international films, and original contents on PC, Smartphone, or tablet PC at anytime and anywhere.

  • DIA TV CJ ENM E&M Div.
    DIA TV Show your own!

    CJ ENM E&M Div. began MCN business in July 2013 and has launched 'DIA TV' in May 2015 which is a new brand of MCN business. DIA TV makes partnerships with 650 individuals or small creator teams in game, beauty, or food areas to foster and support them. It has become Asia's top 1 MCN business and formed the contents ecology of coexisting with creators.

    CGV The Complete Cinematic Experience, GLOBAL NO.1 CULTUREPLEX CGV

    Culture playground beyond multiplex where creates new lifestyle more than film. This 'Cultureplex' is becoming Korea's representative brand spreading the value to the world including China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Myanmar beyond Korea.

  • CJ Hello CJ Hello
    CJ Hello Due to assuming a leading position in cable broadcastingand ranking first in the MVNO sector, CJ Hello has become a broadcasting and communications company that represents Korea.

    CJ Hello provides a variety of services that helps it to affirm its position as the leader of the broadcasting communication market, such as 'Hello TV', a prominent cable broadcasting service, and 'Hello Mobile' which ranks first in the MVNO sector. Moreover, we enable convenient and rich future lifestyles by providing a variety of smart home care services for our customers including rental services.