Building Dreams and Creating Joy Worldwide,
Happy CJ Brands

  • tvN CJ CUP
    THE CJ CUP @NINE BRIDGES Korea's first official PGA Tour event

    THE CJ CUP @ NINE BRIDGES is the first-ever official PGA Tour event in Korean golf history, held at Jeju’s prestigious golf club Nine Bridges, the only Korean golf club to have been listed in the world's top 100 golf clubs.

    CGV The Complete Cinematic Experience, GLOBAL NO.1 CULTUREPLEX CGV

    Culture playground beyond multiplex where creates new lifestyle more than film. This 'Cultureplex' is becoming Korea's representative brand spreading the value to the world including China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Myanmar beyond Korea.

  • tvN CJ ENM E&M Div.
    tvN Journey to Unlimited Joy

    tvN is Korea’s best general entertainment channel which airs programs not only in Korea but also in the US and Asia. The channel is watched by people of all ages and shows original content with fresh ideas. We endlessly pursue 'Journey to Unlimited Joy' based on entertaining, original, leading, empathetic contents.

  • tvN CJ Logistics
    SUPERRACE Korea's iconic motorsport

    Super Race Championship is Korea's leading motorsports event and is also an international series competition approved by Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA).

  • Mnet CJ ENM E&M Div.
    Mnet Music Makes One

    Mnet is the music channel. The channel is leading K-Pop culture all over the world transcending generations, genres, and languages through Korea’s best music entertainment programs.

  • OCN CJ ENM E&M Div.
    OCN No.1 Storytainment

    Celebrating its 25th Anniversary, OCN offers the most films on TV and ORIGINAL contents with cinema-like features, establishing DRAMATIC CINEMA Universe. As 'No.1 Storytainment' brand, OCN actively re-adapts and sources its IP globally, as well as hosting annual immersive event 'Thriller House.' OCN strives to bring the best story for the viewers.

  • CJ Entertainment CJ ENM E&M Div.
    CJ Entertainment ASIA'S NO. 1 FILM STUDIO

    CJ ENM is the market leader in the Korean film industry for developing, investing, and distributing domestic films. With the aim of becoming the No. 1 studio in Asia, the division is positioning itself as a hub of the global film industry through joint film production with famous Hollywood studios and various countries including China, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand.

  • MAMA CJ ENM E&M Div.
    MAMA Asia`s Best Music Awards Show

    MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) is the best music awards ceremony in Asia and a global music festival that the whole world enjoys together. MAMA is a global communication channel that transcends nationalities, races, and generations and is enjoyed by music fans around the world. The event is also evolving into a cultural platform that fuels the growth of the Asian music industry.

  • KCON CJ ENM E&M Div.
    KCON The world’s largest K-Culture convention & festival

    KCON is the world’s largest K-Culture Convention & Festival. It introduces K-Culture worldwide by providing chances to experience Korea’s diverse cultures by conjoining with culture service, products, and market.

    ONSTYLE No. 1 Style Channel

    ONSTYLE is a fashion and lifestyle-specialized channel targeted to women in their 20s and 30s. The channel broadcasts a variety of programs such as trends, beauty, fashion, and celebrities’ reality shows. ONSTYLE is cementing its position as a channel for women.

  • O’live CJ ENM E&M Div.
    Olive Discovery of Tastes

    OLIVE is Korea’s representative lifestyle channel offering lifestyle content that enrich the lives of customers in categories such as food, living, and travel.

  • Tooniverse CJ ENM E&M Div.
    Tooniverse We are Tooniverse!

    Tooniverse has been the No. 1 kids channel over the past 24 years. The channel broadcasts content for children such as animations, dramas, and entertainment programs. It carries out 360 degree marketing activities in children’s daily lives. Tooniverse is creating new cultures for Korean children by taking the initiative in kids’ trends via various content that communicate and resonate with children.

    CATCH ON Premium Movie Subscription Service

    CATCH ON is the best movie subscription service to watch the latest films and popular TV series from major Korean and foreign distributors. CATCH ON subscribers can watch two channels, “CATCH ON 1” and “CATCH ON2,” and use “CATCH ON VOD” to enjoy watching about 1,000 films. CATCH ON also offers “CATCH ON APP” which provides about 1,000 films both online and on mobile devices.

  • OGN CJ ENM E&M Div.

    OGN is a gaming channel broadcasting content based on online, mobile, and video games. The channel pioneered the younger generation’s play culture by creating the world's first e-Sports content.

  • 중화TV CJ ENM E&M Div.
    Chunghwa TV China is Fun

    Chunghwa TV is a Chinese channel that quickly brings you differentiated content from the Greater China region. The channel presents the true charms of Chinese culture to Korean customers through programs of various genres such as latest dramas, movies, and documentaries. Chunghwa TV takes the lead in promoting cultural exchanges between Korea and China.

  • UXN CJ ENM E&M Div.
    UXN The Premium UHD Channel

    UXN is a premium UHD channel that provides super high-quality video content. The channel entertains customers by carefully selecting well-made content with excellent artistic value including blockbusters, the latest dramas, and various entertainment programs.

  • UXN CJ ENM E&M Div.
    english gem Premium Kids English Content Service

    "english gem" offers fully subtitled children's television shows, award-winning educational programs, and more from English-speaking countries. Our goal is to promote a culture in which children can communicate and empathize emotionally in a foreign language by watching the same content as children in English-speaking countries. You may easily access these shows on mobile devices and tablets through the "english gem" app.

  • DIA TV CJ ENM E&M Div.
    DIA TV Asia's largest network of Digital content producers

    DIA TV launched Korea's first MCN business in July 2013. DIA TV has grown to record 300 million subscribers and a monthly viewership of more than 3 billion views as of February 2020. We discover and foster individual influencers such as ‘buzzbean11’, ‘Korea Grandma’ and help them advance into global video platforms, while creating a new digital content ecosystem with Studio DIA, DIA TV's original content brand.

  • 티빙 CJ ENM E&M Div.
    TVING Entertainment OTT Platform

    TVING is the best OTT (online video streaming) service in Korea that lets people watch domestic and foreign movies as well as original content including those of tvN, Mnet, OCN, JTBC, Tooniverse, and other popular cable channels anywhere and anytime.

  • M wave CJ ENM E&M Div.
    Mwave Enjoy Mnet K-POP

    Mwave is a global platform where you can enjoy a variety of Mnet's K·POP content. ‘MEET&GREET’, an online fan meeting where K·POP stars and global fans come together, M Shop where K·POP star signed CD can be purchased and as the official site for the global music festival, Mnet Asian Music Awards, where everyone across the world can enjoy it together, it has become the head platform for K·POP.

  • CJ Musical CJ ENM E&M Div.

    CJ ENM's Performing Arts Business Department had its first foray into the musical theatre business by bringing the award-winning <Cats> to Korea in 2003. Since then, it has produced over 360 theatrical productions as well as others many of which were successfully introduced to China, Japan, after its run in Korea. On Broadway and in the West End, CJ ENM has co-produced a number of global theatrical productions.